Collectie Gelderland

The War Papers part 82

The War Papers part 82 met artikelen over Petain en Laval en: evening Standard, 17 juni 1940 'Petain says French must cease fighting.' 'RAF raid on Tobruk' 'Key Pittman denounces Lindbergh's speech' 'Mothers all over britain want their children sent abroad' 'Britain now' 'Another Ally?' Amerika 'troops gave their food to children. Escape from Paris' 'Petain praises heroism of French toops' 'BEF: 'still operating in Normandy' Evening Standard, 4 oktober 1945 'Laval trial uproar. Judge threatens to throw him out and makes him apologise' 'truman plan: outlaw arms by Atom Bomb talks' 'MacArthur sacks Jap 'thought control' police' 'scrap heap of unwanted airplanes' 'Jap railroad of death' 'Truman to seize oil works'