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The War Papers part 43

The War Papers part 43, met artikelen en: The Daily Sketch, 2 september 1944 'US tanks over Moselle. British are only 70 miles from Cologne' 'All-out Balkan drive' 'The King decided D.C.M deserved the VC' Peter Harold Wright 'Truly great victory by Montgomery' 'There is nothing the Navy cannot do' 'The victory of London' 'Japs kill each other as 900 PoW Munity' 'London's 80 dats veil is now lifted' '51 were killed by one flying bomb' 'How Hitler lost the battle of London' Daily Mirror 22 september 1944 'Demobbing - Full plans.' 'Dempsey's 2nd British army reaches the last Rhine crossing - links up with paratroops at Artnhem, say Nazi's' 'Red army is inside Warsaw' Poster: Morale. How to play your part. 'Children safe in the country' 'Italy Maquis capture big area' 'France armies link near Belfort gap road into Germany' 'Nazi's stand in Channel ports'