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The War Papers part 65

The War Papers part 65, artikelen over Roosevelt en: Daily Herald, 13 april 1945 'Roosevelt dies in his sleep. Gave his life for Allied victory.' 'Tanks racing on to Berlin, Leipzig' 'death decree for Nazi generals' 'Officers disband Germans' The Daily Telegraph, 13 april 1945 Sudden death of president Roosevelt: midnight news' '9th cross Elbe push on for Berlin' '8th army is over river, driving on. Sherman tanks and Tigers in duel' 'Prisoners of war may aid housing drive' 'Premier tells evacuees to stay away' 'A great world leader' Roosevelt Poster Roosevelt 'Prisoners worst forced march in Germany. Survivors too weak to talk.' 'suffering of allies prisoners' 'Himmler decrees death for yielding cities' 'Gen Crerar directed battle from air' 'Any weapons did for VC.' G.A. Knowland