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The War Papers part 28

The War Papers part 28, met artikelen over Dam Busters en: Scottish Daily Express, 14 mei 1943 'The avalanche surrender' 'Duisberg gets greatest raid' 'Churchill to talk in US congress' 'Aushalten (hold out) says Goebbels. He told them that at Stalingrad' The Daily Telegraph, 18 mei 1943 'R.A.F clow up thee key dams in Germany' 'Bordeauc is without gas or water' '400 Germans killed when raid ship was blown up' 'The new ration book' 'traffic law in black-out' 'Will Italy's people hold out under invasion?' Poster; The downfall of the dictators is assured' 'Navy seizes island off cap bon' 'Allies huge new air base in Labrador' 'reprisal raid on London.' 'Enemy wave sheets: anything white. avalanche surrender'