Collectie Gelderland

Daily express, 31 mei 1940

Daily express, 31 mei 1940, 'Tens of thousands safely home already. Ships of all sizes dare the german guns' ' Tired, dirty, hungry, they came back - unbeatable' ' bomb fear starts evacuation again' ' Amiens set ablaze by bombers' ' Your buying is to be still more restricted' ' Leopold gives arms too to nazis' ' french say Somme fight is going well' ' the tanks are coming - quickly' ' brig-gen Deedes stays in town - east end' ' they're out! now what wil Hitler do?' ' Pilot comes home by paddle boat' ' Tank major broke Nazi ring roung rown' ' RAf sergeant wins the DFM twice' ' Soccer may shut down until peace' ' Government does not want to ban sport' ' Hitler the inhuman has never tasted wine' ' BEF wounded aid navy's AA gunners' ' Italy rushes plans for civil defence' ' Hilde marchant tells of the BEF's return'