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Roger Joseph Casavant

<p>afbeelding toont twee foto's foto 1 - een afbeelding van Roger Joseph Casavant met rechts de tekst: "Roger Joseph Casavant of Shoal Creek, Alberta, served with the Calcary Highlanders. RCIC as a private during the Second World War. The Regiment saw extensieve fighting in the Netherlands in October 1944, opening the way to South Beveland, and then west to the Walcheren Island Causeway where it fought an epic battle beginning on Halloween night. From November to February 1945 the regiment wintered in the Nijmegen Salient, then ws back in action in the Rhineland fighting, clearing the last apporaches to the River Rhine itself. Casavant was killed in action on the 18th April 1945; he is buried in the Holten Canadian War Cemetery, Netherlands. (...) He was the son of Emile and Malvina Casavant; he was 23 years old" foto 2 - een afbeelding van te voet oprukkende geallieerde militairen en Sherman tank en een truck over een weg met bomen en verwoeste huizen. Daaronder links een 'poppy' en rechts daarvan de tekst: 117.000 soldiers from World Wars I &amp; II, the Korean War and UN Peacekeeping missions have laid down their lives for Canada. These memorial prints are dedicated to honouring those men and women who died, so that we may enjoy the freedom we have today.</p>