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The War Papers part 30

The War Papers part 30, met artikelen en: poster: 'Better pot-luck with Churchill today than humble pie under Hitler tomorrow. Don't waste food!' News Chronicle 9 september 1943 'Italy surrenders unconditionally. Britain, US, Russia approved armistice terms: Badoglio tells Italians 'we oppose attack from any other quarter'' 'Red Army 40 miles beyond Stalino' 'What the surrender of Italy means' The Daily Telegrapf 13 september 1943 'Nazi's claim capture of Mussolini. Great battle raging for Naples.' 'US ready to play part after the war' 'Secret talks that lef to Italian armistice' 'Huns expect landing at Genoa' 'Hun tanks thrown back' 'Italy's navy alone made armistice worth while' 'French set up "parliament" is Algiers' '' US ready to play part after war' 'Soviet delegates tell TUC; victory is impossible without a second front' 'Moscow guns salute capture of Stalino '