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The War Papers part 21

The War Papers part 21, met artikelen over Desert Rats en Desert Fox: Poster roept vrouwen op te helpen met de oogst. Daily Express, 22 juni 1942 'Why Tobruk fell: Outgunned and outnumbered 3 to 1. They had no air cover. Blitzed then attacked by masses of tanks' 'The need is - second front with no delay' '2 Jap ships hit' 'Crimea defence pierced' 'To the battle field let us go forth...' second front Daily express, 26 juni 1942 'Eight army is locked in great new battle' 'Churchill: 'we will hold Egypt'' 'Kharkov: big Nazi gains' 'We must keep this sea' middelandse zee 'Row over wakes Q trains' 'Russian focres land behind crimean line' 'Sebastopol defenders rout regiment' 'Hitler offensive frustrated. Kalinin' 'Egypt drives off prowling tanks'