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The War Papers part 83

The War Papers part 83 met artikelen over Tito en: Daily express, 28 mei 1945 'I have not given up Carinthia says Tito' 'Atlantic travel by autumn' 'Himmlet tore his signature into 48 pieces' 'French troops land in Syria' 'Doenitz wore seven pairs of pants' 'The jackboot men still strut in Crete' 'Channel isles may send food this year' 'The Bruma men say thanks Naafi, well done' 'Goering betrayed Hitler's last bid' 'Now- The Battle of Tokyo' Daily Mail, 21 september 1945 'Tito in Control. British greeted with cries of Facist' 'Trieste: full story of what is happening today' 'Hirohito was 'a man of peace'' 'Allied troops may marry Germans' 'The women of Japan smile and weep ' 'A letter from Holland' Amerikaanse cultuur '