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The War Papers part 36

The War Papers part 36, met artikelen en: Daily Mail 19 mei 1944 '7000 prisoners, 400 guns in Italy. Cassino garrison crack: mass surrender' 'Kidnapping of General Kreipe: full story' 'Colonel who saved the Guards. Then waited two years for Victoria Cross. H.R.B. Foote' 'Neutral war leaks must end, Marshall' 'Rommel is not the No. 1. Rundstedt boss' 'Martial law declared in Istanbul' 'Hitler masses his gliders' Daily Herald 25 mei 1944 'Enemy in flight from Hitler line. Rearguards throw down their arms.' 'Anzio columns' big haul of prisoners' 'Soviets break with Bulgaria at midnight' 'Petain orders: aid nazis as Allies invade' 'Berlin, Paris, Vienna raided' '5th Army 18 miles from beach head' 'Allies ready to strike at Myitkyina' 'Nazi's buy up Gem firms' 'Bevin as Trotsky witness' 'Glider men won through certain disaster' 'Major air strategy change. Close support bombing abandoned for long range onslaughts' 'We fight Japs to the end'