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The War Papers part 38

The War Papers part 38, met artikelen over D-Day en: Daily Mirror, 7 juni 1944 'Invaders thrusting inland. naval losses regarded as very light' 'Huns still is disorderly retreat north of Rome' 'Eisenhower tells Europe; your liberation is coming' 'Eisenhower's message to every soldier' 'The Liberators. Eisenhower. Monty.' Daily Mirror, 9 juni 1944 'Second round battles rage. Allied forces meeting big Hun challenge.' 'Our planes may soon be flying from landing strips in Normandy' 'The first town to be freed. Bayeux' Poster: United. The United Nations fight for freedom' 'He invades by parachute 6 hours before troops' 'RAF heavies answer Army call to hit masses enemy troops' 'There were 300 sq. miles of soldiers' 'Great armada stretched over horizon' Off the French coast'