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The War Papers part 54

The War Papers part 54 met artikelen en: The daily Sketch, 8 mei 1945 en 9 mei 1945 'this is VE-Day. Premier is to broadcast at 3 pm: two days holiday' 'World makes whoopee' 'A sound of reverly by night, it was ve minus one' 'They shared out ordeals now they rejoice with us' koningshuis 'Monty says: now win the peace' Montgomery 'Londoners take voer capital for joy day' 'six fateful years' 'advance to complete our task' 'Tight-lipped Jodl met his master' 'Prague heavily shelled sends s.o.s. for planes' 'Holland's Nazi Ruler caught' Seyss 'Demobilisation may start in 6 weeks' 'Allied fleet of 48 shipps off Oslo'