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News Chronicle, 19 januari 1944

News Chronicle, 19 januari 1944 ‘ Oranienbaum and Volkhov breaches. Moscow announces new double offensive by Red army south of Leningrad’ ‘King Victor to abdicate when the time comes’ ‘ Germans spread peace talk rumours, hoping to gain respite’ ‘ Peace talk story: Moscow broadcasts our denial’ ‘ More captives may be exchanged’ ‘ Churchill went picnicking in the Atlas mountains’ ‘ Bevin boys to threaten strike’ ‘ Hungary’s premier sacks pro-Nazi minister’ ‘ Diver cleared live depth charge’ ‘ 31 men saw land, only 9 reached it’ ‘ Canadians in tank battle cross river, gain foothold’ Arielli river ‘ Patriots first open battle with Laval Militia’ ‘ Congress side-tracks mobilization plan’ ‘ The pilot who fought thirty enemy planes’ James H. Howard