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Daily Mirror, 4 september 1939

Daily Mirror, 4 september 1939 'Britain's first day of war: Chruchill is new navy chief' 'Poles attack' 'Bremen is captured' 'Gold must be sold to the treasury' 'US refugees leave London' 'Stand calm, united, we shall prevail' - the king. 'we must smash Hitlerism for ever' 'Battle call to Jewry' 'Premier's 11.15 a.m. call to the nation' 'poles announced to nazi's: Britain now!' 'Air raid pledges; Pagina vullende plaat: Wanted! For murder.. for kidnapping.. for theft and for arson. ADOLF HITLER. 'Youth service stands firm' 'Still smiling, even after alarm went off!' 'British fighter No 1. Viscount gort' 'Downing street's first day of war' 'First war wedding. We've been in love for three years!' 'Black out rules for all houses, cars'