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Daily Mail, 9 juli 1942

Daily Mail, 9 juli 1942 ‘ Savage battle to save the Don. Massive German blows to widen breach.’ ‘ Red army strikes at Bock’s flank’ ‘ Tirpitz hit by two torpedoes’ ‘ Supplies pour up to Auchinleck. Tanks go by the trainload’ ‘ News of Britains aid ‘ held back’ in US’ ‘ Anglo-Mexican oil settlement soon’ ‘ Britain in ‘ grim earnest’: Berlin’ ‘Air war on the U-boats is hottest yet’ ‘Here’s our chance to thank China!’ ‘ Reinforcements pour up to Auchinleck’ ‘ 7 generals try saboteurs. German wrecking plot failed.’ ‘ When Rommel went to Tobruk’ ‘ Germans across the Don’ ‘ Nine more shot down by Malta’ ‘ Few Burmese aided Japs’ ‘ War council study Egypt’