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The War Papers part 80

The War Papers part 80 met artikelen over Rundstedt en Model en: The Daily telegraph, 9 juli 1943 'Germans driven back in Kursk area' 'Luftwaffe worn down in Sicily' 'Fear of RAF causes big ruhr strikes' 'US forces advancing on Solomons air base' 'Germans know battle of Ruhr being lost' 'Pilot made seven attacks on U-Boats' 'Three lost U-Boats in four fall to aircraft' Daily Express, 11 januari 1945 'Rundstedt pulls back to form new line' 'Hopes of peace soon in Greece' '100,000 men start march on Malina. Japs crash-dive beaches' 'Us plans big-5 alliance' '100 panzers mass near strasburg' 'Budapest thre-quarters in Russian hands' 'Nonsense about Ike and Monty' 'BBC warns the army about Monty lie'