Collectie Gelderland

The War Papers part 45

The War Papers part 45, met artikelen over V-2 raketten en: Daily express, 19 oktober 1944 'Rundstedt warns: The Final hour' 'How we shall rule Germany. Germans, don't kill Nazis' 'Russians strike over Carpathians' Daily Herald, 11 november 1944 'The V2 Rocket comes to Southern England. Comets that dive drom 70 miles.' '1000 tanks in Third Army's Loraine drive' 'Belgian profiteers to pay 100 p.c.' 'Line to Budapest is cut' 'Antwerp under fire - berlin' 'Germans are asking: is Hitler dead?' 'Aachen comes back to life' 'Demobbing forces of industry' 'Rockets that carry burning acid' 'Smuggling is cracking Black Market prices' 'New British trevallers try new markets' 'German people are guilty - citrine' 'Nazis call up Home Guard'