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Oversteek Rijn; vaartuig, militair, jerrycan

Oversteek Rijn. oever van de Rijn met boten op de Rijn en boten afgemeerd. Amerikaanse militairen lopen op de oever, grote hoeveelheid jerrycans Tekst achterop foto: FOR FIRST PUBLICATION DAILY PAPERS OF MONDAY MARCH 26 passed by censor no 400621 Ninth Army Troops pour across the Rhine the American Ninth Army - part of Montgomery's 21st Army Group, have continued to deepen and strengthen their bridgehead on the east bank of the Rhine. More and more Allied Troops are pouring across the River to back up the all-out Allied drive into the Heart of Germany. Associated Press Photo shows: - Infantry - men of the Ninth American Army wait on the Western shore of the Rhine - for transportation across the river. In the foreground can be seen petrol tins, which will be ferried across to the bridgehead troops by small craft which can be seen returning from the Eastern shore Griffing/KA 276563 25345 DR