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The War Papers part 81

The War Papers part 81 met artikelen over Wavell en Auchinleck en: news chronicle, 8 februari 1941 'The whirlwind triumph of Benghazi. Italians caught on two sides by brilliant pincer move' 'Italians are dispirited and resentful' 'invasion ports battered again' 'Japan caught in Nazi trap' 'Greeks have smashed up new attack´ ´Benghazi is ours´ ´Is this war a punishment for our sins?' 'How we took benghazi' 'barges believed sunk in flames in raids on invasion ports' 'Big forces fighting in Abyssinia' Daily Express, 21 februari 1941, 'WE'RE GOING STRONG. Now we strike a blow for victory, home and freedom' '10 miles from Tobruk lines and 100 miles into Libya. Panzers see us and retreat' 'US stops aid to Vichy' 'Italians blame Winston' 'Tobruk relief near' 'RAF lanch coast blitz' 'Ark U-boat sunk' 'Zero hour in tthe desert' 'Japs say talks with US may go on' 'Main nazi thrust checked at Tula' 'RAF hammers retreating tanks'